Athlete of the Month – Arjun Ravi

Arjun didn’t waste any time finding 6S! After moving to Toronto last October, he joined us shortly thereafter and ever since, he has made an insurmountable amount of progress. Arjun is one of the nicest and humblest people you will ever meet – he never complains, ALWAYS has a smile on his face, will talk to new members and will challenge himself and try new things. 

Arjun started out in the CrossFit program, with some prior CrossFit experience. He told the coaches shortly after joining, “I want to go to the CrossFit Games one day…maybe 5 years or so….however long it takes to get there.” This workhorse, goal-oriented mentality is exactly what Arjun embodies everyday, and the kind of character that will bring him success. In this regard, Arjun is constantly on the pursuit of excellence – he always has new goals and is willing and determined to do everything required to achieve them. 

Shortly after joining the CrossFit program, Arjun joined Powerlifting to get strong! He identified one of his weaknesses, and then took action. He never missed a PL class (2x/week), and kept a regular CrossFit routine as well to “keep his conditioning up”. 

While most of us, with PRs in all lifts – bench press, squat, deadlift – would be satisfied (those are great achievements!) – Arjun wanted more. He noticed that while these lifts had improved after 5 months in the Powerlifting program, he felt he reached a plateau with the snatch and clean and jerk (movements frequently incorporated into CrossFit classes), so he joined the Olympic Weightlifting program. He now works on his snatch and clean and jerk technique 2x/week in addition to maintaining a regular CrossFit regime. 

Arjun is a stellar role model. His optimism, work ethic and ability to take actionable steps to reach his goals are admirable. This type of character is rare, yet is one that will bring him success, inside and outside of the gym, and one that has positively impacted those people around him – it is contagious!

The entire 6S community is lucky to have you, Arjun! We stand behind and support you 100% in your pursuit of excellence. If anyone can get there, it is YOU! 

Tell us about yourself
I grew up in Bombay, India. I was a typical nerdy Indian kid growing up. To pursue my passion in Mechanical Engineering, I moved to Germany at the age of 18. In addition to the academics, I was exposed to so many international students, a completely new culture and was surely in the right place for some good quality beer. It opened a whole new world for me. I joined a soccer and Badminton club to completely immerse myself into the German culture. After I graduated, I moved to Delft, Netherlands and worked with Shell in the R&D department. Work life was not as hectic as student life, so I used this opportunity to travel across Greece, Italy, Spain, Hungary and Poland. I realised I was getting too comfortable and decided I needed to change something. Canada being immigrant friendly, I moved to Montreal to pursue my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University. Montreal has a European flair to it, so it was an easy transition. I felt good being back in an English-speaking country.  I recently moved to Toronto last October and am loving the vibe of this city.

What do you do for a living?
After all engineering I did, I took a completely different route here. Now, I work in Sales. On any given day, I am consulting with C-level executives in the Energy, Life Sciences, and Financial sectors on current needs and future trends. Provide them with insights to help them address gaps within their organisation.          

What is one thing people may be surprised to learn about you?
I have a Bierdiplom (Beer Diploma) from the Beer Academy in Karlsruhe, Germany. Basically, it is having 4.4 Litres of the nastiest beer one can imagine without throwing up at the bar within 4hrs. Probably was hungover for the next 3 days, but worth the experience and memories (whatever little bit I have).

How long have you been doing CrossFit? At CF6S?
For 10 months. I joined CF6S mid-November last year.

Why did you start CrossFit?
I was always fit when it came to the cardiovascular aspect. My girlfriend then told me that I needed to bulk up. As an obedient boyfriend, I joined the gym and tried it but didn’t really like the vibe at the gym and missed the endurance element. Neither did my relationship with gym nor with my ex-girlfriend last. Thank God!  What a blessing in disguise!
I started looking at options that combine endurance, conditioning and strength training. I also read Rich Froning’s book “First: What It Takes to Win” and watched the Mat Fraser’s documentary “Making a Champion”. This convinced me to join CrossFit and I have never looked back since then.
What’s your favorite music to workout to?
Anything that has a good beat to it.

What’s your favorite workout?
Probably Filthy Fifty and Murph. I love the grinding chipper workouts. It truly tests the mental and physical aspects of your game.

What is your proudest CF moment?
Any movement that I got for the first time whether it was stringing multiple DU’s or kipping TTB. It is a pity that I got kipping TTB literally two days after 18.1. Participating in our very own CF6S Olympic weightlifting competition was another proud moment.

What impact has CF6S had on your life inside and outside the gym?
Inside the gym – I have made many friends.  I enjoy rotating classes and not keeping a fixed schedule as it allows me to meet new people. I started with Powerlifting with Adam and Benny along with the CrossFit classes. Powerlifting helped me gain strength and developed a strong base for CF workouts. I was not seeing the gains in strength get translated to my Olympic lifts. Clearly, there was something wrong in my technique. Hence, I am currently working with Luke and Cheng who are aiding me in drilling the movement patterns. Everyone at the gym is so motivated and sincere about their fitness routine. It inspires me to push myself more.

Outside the gym – My friends at work hate me because every time they ask me out for drinks I always say I have CrossFit. On a serious note, I feel more energized, confident and positive being a part of this awesome CF6S community and hopefully I can give back in some way.


For someone just starting at CF6S, what advice would you give them?
YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS!! Everyone at the gym is extremely friendly and welcoming so it is very easy to feel at home. Coaching is phenomenal. Whether it is Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting or CrossFit we have experts in each area. Not to forget the recently added OHFAST team to keep us safe and healthy.

To anyone starting CF, it is very easy to be scared in the beginning especially since you find people flying of the bars, squatting OR snatching insane weights. My only advice would be don’t compare yourself to anyone.  Every workout is infinitely scalable to one’s capacity and will still push one to their maximum. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! It can only get better with time.

What’s your biggest CF goal right now? How close are you?
Realistically, do all the movements RX in next year’s open. My goal is to build a strong foundation when it comes to muscle-ups, handstand push ups and handstand walk. It would be nice walking into next year’s open knowing I can string a few of them.

Not close at all but I am chipping away slowly and steadily. The gymnastic seminar was helpful when it comes to giving good progression options and laying down the foundation. Recently, I did a session with Grace for bar muscle-ups which was very helpful too. Friends, it is all in that hip pop.

Other than CrossFit, what do you do for fun?
If I am not at CrossFit, one can easily find me playing either Soccer, Tennis, Badminton or Squash. Travel has been a passion, so I am exploring Canada whenever I have the time. I have done a fair bit of Eastern Canada – Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. Next stop is Calgary and Banff.

What was the best advice you were ever given?
Recently someone told me “Act on your commitment not on your feelings or emotions”. Otherwise, just keep it SIMPLE – Stay hungry, positive and have a solid work ethic in anything you pursue.

What’s your favorite ’90s jam?
Nothing Else matters and Enter Sandman by Metallica.

What was your favorite TV show growing up? Why?
Since I went to a military boarding school growing up, I hardly watched any TV for majority of my childhood apart from Cricket and Tennis. More recently, I would say Breaking Bad simply because it involved so many plots and twists that caught me off guard until the very end. In addition to this, fine attention was paid to all characters and plot detail.

What’s the strangest talent you have?
I am completely off social media whether it is Facebook or Instagram etc. apart from LinkedIn. Recently, I tried going without a phone for about 2 weeks, but my parents got tired of communicating via email and were having none of it. I don’t think this classifies as a talent but strange enough in today’s world.

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