Athlete of the Month: Flore Narjoux

Flore has been a member of 6S Fitness+ since August and has been a welcome addition to our community! Flore has an admirable work ethic, great attitude, and is constantly providing support and enthusiasm to each class she attends. Her consistency, hard work, and dedication are an inspiration to the Coaches and members alike! Flore has recently joined the Powerlifting crew, and we look forward to seeing all she accomplishes with the Hanks Powerlifting crew!

What is one thing people may be surprised to learn about you?

I used to catch snakes on the weekend for fun when I was a kid. I still love catching bugs, frogs, lizards and any animals whenever I go outside. I also had a scarecrow and a magpie as pets.

How long have you been doing [Functional Fitness]? At 6S?

I started doing functional fitness last August at 6S and did 2-3 months in California in 2016

Why did you start [functional fitness] training?

My partner tried in California and loved it, made me join for a few classes and became instantly addicted

What is your proudest 6S moment?

Did Cindy RX for 12+8 rounds on Tuesday!!! 65 kipping pull-ups when I couldn’t do one strict 2 months ago

What impact has 6S had on your life inside and outside the gym?

6S has completely changed my vision of working out. I used to hate waking up in the morning to go to the gym and now I am sad when I have to miss the 6:30 class. Outside the gym, I feel more confident in my body (showing off my biceps and back muscles whenever I can lol) and I also made such great friends in the class

For someone just starting at 6S, what advice would you give them?

Pain is temporary, once soreness becomes a part of your daily life, you’ll actually enjoy it haha

What’s your biggest health & fitness goal right now? How close are you?

My health goal is to get better cardio, I still get out of breath after 400m runs… My fitness goal is to get leaner legs – it’s going to be long  process because I have lipedema but with proper nutrition, massage therapy and fitness, I’ll get there eventually

Other than 6S, what do you do for fun?

Bike, hike, party, watch animal documentaries and that’s basically it

What was the best advice you were ever given?

You’re stronger than you think (thanks Kev)

What are you known for?

I am known for having the strangest dreams and I am also pretty funny in French.

What’s the strangest talent you have?

I can sleep whenever/wherever I want (fell asleep on motorbike multiple times)

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

Skydive, swim with white sharks, do a 6 month road trip with my partner and our cat

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Costa Rica – the rainforest, the ocean, the landscapes, the animals, the people and the food.

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