Back to the Barbell : Pandemic Programming

Hey Team! 

We CANNOT wait to see you all in person and we know how excited you are to get a barbell in your hands!

​However, before we all get back into the gym, we wanted to provide you with an update on what you can expect with the class programming. In general, there will be no sharing of equipment and the movements will be limited to ensure 2m distance between athletes and coaches at all times. 

​For our CrossFit athletes, here’s a note from Coach Dave on what you can expect when coming back to 6S:

Welcome back to the COLOSSEUM!

Many of you have been itching to get back into classes so I wanted to lay out the programming framework for the start of classes. Simple Work is the theme. Due to the new measures we are taking to keep our athletes safe we have laid out workout squares on the floor. That is where work will take place. Each square will be equipped with bars, plates and a box. You will also have a whiteboard with a marker and of course a cleaning solution bottle and cloth. Coaches will add equipment to the square as needed. Yes, some squares will have bikes and ski’s attached while others will have rowers, so get in line early to secure or avoid the Glorious Bike!

The Barbells will be back in full action, much to your relief and joy. I’m sure many of you have missed them. Nothing much will change programming wise, there will be strength things and Metcons. There will be no sharing of equipment for the first while! The pull-up rig will also be back after a couple of weeks and it will only be incorporated in such a way that physical distancing can be maintained at all times. 

Time will be dedicated each class to the cleaning of equipment. 

We’ll keep things basic to begin, give everyone’s bodies a chance to adapt to the change, and then introduce new movements and ramp over time. For now, the goal will be to move our bodies under a bit of load, in a safe and controlled manner (too much too soon is just going to lead to injuries). So, when you first come back, and for the foreseeable future, all we ask is that you remove any performance expectations, enjoy the process and embrace what your body CAN do! We think you’ll be surprised to see how much your hard work over the last 4 weeks in your condo is going to pay off!

And of course, the fun atmosphere that you know and love about 6S will be waiting for you when you first arrive!

​We can’t wait to see you!

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