How to increase your running game (and hate it a little less)

If we had to guess, we would say roughly 95% of us who do CrossFit despise running or any other cardio (Hey Echo Bike, where you at!?) that doesn’t involve cycling a barbell.

​There are, however, some great health benefits that come from running, such as…

  • Improves mental and physical health
  • Helps fight off disease
  • Can burn a lot of calories
  • Improves aerobic and lung capacity
  • Stronger bones and legs
  • Can help improve your sleep
  • Makes you more resistant to stress and depression
In addition to the listed benefits, improving your cardiovascular capacity will also help improve your CrossFit game!

So, why is it that most of us don’t like or choose not to run?

Our guess is that people find it boring or think it will lead to an injury.

​Well, running shouldn’t be either! Like any sport, you get out of it what you put in.

Part of the draw to CrossFit group classes is the group environment and the motivation and accountability from the members and coaches, and running is no different! Running shouldn’t be something you punish yourself with, going for a long run alone (unless of course, you have specific goals and this is part of your training which you enjoy). Rather, running can (and should be) done with other people, under the watchful eye of a knowledgeable coach, just like CrossFit!

Just like any sport, there is a risk of injury with running. However, in most cases, injuries are AVOIDABLE. While we probably all know someone who has injured themselves (or ourselves) while running, most of the time these injuries are caused by poor form, improper warmup, and/or pushing speed and distance before the body is ready for it.

When done properly, utilizing tempo runs, intervals, monitoring heart rate, mobilizing/stretching, and tracking your data, can decrease your risk for injury and subsequently increase your speed and capacity. Patience is still needed as it’s not something that changes overnight or even in two weeks, but you will notice IMPROVEMENTS over time.

Whether you are someone with an interest in running or trying something new, or you have a goal of running in a race or training with a team, then we have something FOR YOU!

We will be releasing details this week for our new 6S RUN CLUB! This program will be 10 weeks long, culminating with the Oasis Zoo Run 5 or 10k on September 21, 2019. Our goal with this program is to give you the tools to be successful in this run; however, we will also be accepting athletes who just want to improve their running technique and learn new skills. To kick off the program, Coach Kaisha will lead a running workshop on Saturday June 22nd for those who sign up for the 10 week program. This workshop will cover proper running technique, drills, and stretches/mobility that are good to do before and after, as well as address some common issues that may come up while running and how to work them out.

The program will begin July 15th, and we will meet twice a week: one track night (more info to come) and one run on the street (meeting at the box), implementing both interval and Fartlek training.

Each person who signs up will also be receiving a shirt (because we all like swag) to run the race in. Don’t want to do the race but still want the shirt and learning experience? No problem! Still come join us!

Our goal by the end of this is to have everyone feeling more comfortable with running, to increase speed and capacity, to have a knowledge of proper technique, and to have a good time. Keep an eye out for more details this week!

Now, let’s break out those running shoes!

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