Meet Coach Brendon

Brendon joined 6S three years ago, and has been a welcome addition to the 6SFitness+ community ever since! Not only does he excel in the workouts, he is a standout in supporting his fellow 6S members, and we are thrilled to have him now as a Coach!

A few fun facts about Brendon:

  • He adopted a 1 year old pup from a rescue in December. His name is Dizzy and is a black lab mix. 
  • His mom is his inspiration: “No matter what is on her plate, she always remains positive and happy to everyone around her. It’s her positive outlook on life that inspires me to always make the best out of every situation life may hand me.”
  • Outside of fitness, you can find Brendon attending concerts, hanging out in parks, hiking, or camping.

Read more about Coach Brendon below!

I was born and raised in New Brunswick and moved to Toronto approximately seven years ago. I became a member at 6S roughly three years ago after a friend recommended that I try it out. The community, and how the workouts made me feel, got me hooked immediately! Having not been an active kid, and not really having any history of sports, this was a new outlet for me.

During my time at 6S, I’ve met many wonderful people from all different backgrounds. These people have encouraged me to keep trying, to push harder and to learn new skills. Whether it was my first handstand walk, my first muscle up, or even my first burpee, the community here at 6S has been there for me since the beginning.

Sometimes the workouts might be in your wheelhouse and sometimes they may not be. Sometimes the workouts might be tough (or even gruelling at times), but the comradery and sense of accomplishment you feel when you’ve finished one together is unmatched.

The things I’ve learned during my time here extend past the workouts or movements. I’ve learned how to push myself both mentally and physically. I’ve learned how important the combination of nutrition, sleep and rest days are to helping you achieve your goals and feeling good. Lastly, I’ve learned how powerful having a team behind you can be. Having an opportunity to share that with my peers and fellow members is a very rewarding feeling, which is why I decided to complete the coaching internship and attain my CF-L1 in the last year.

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