Meet Coach Omkar

Well, Hello There! I’m Omkar, your new powerlifting coach. Here’s my quick little introduction:

Growing up in India, I was a skinny little kid who was never into lifting weights. Played cricket and soccer but but lost touch with it when I got older. Moved to the US for work and the boring Chicago winters is how I was introduced to CrossFit. I can still remember my first “brutal” intro workout of 5 pushups, 5 air squats and 5 pull ups for time. I didn’t think CrossFit was for me after that but thought I’d give it a try anyways. Stayed for over 7 years.

After no physical activity during the pandemic and a big move to Toronto, I was looking for something different, something more slow paced to reintroduce myself to working out. I’ve always wanted big numbers in my lifts and strength piece from CrossFit is what I was missing the most. That’s how I found Powelifiting. And I’ve never looked back. Now, all I want to do is lift, come home and read about how to increase my bench 🙂

When I’m not powerlifting (or thinking about powerlifting), I like to go on hikes, try out adventure sports and try new places for Chicken Biryani. I’m a big Marvel fan and can talk you for hours on end about it. (Spoiler: Favourite Superhero: HULK, Strongest Avenger :)) 

I’ve always wanted to give back to the fitness community that has helped me so much and what better way to do it than helping others with what I’ve learnt over my years of lifting. 

See you in the gym.

10 Questions with Omkar:

What is your proudest 6S moment?           
Getting 1015 pound total in the Hank Powerlifting 

For someone just starting 6S, what advice would you give them? Be consistent. Results take time.

What’s your biggest health & fitness goal right now? How close are you? Goals for this year would be 3-4-5. 300# Bench, 400# Squat and 500# Deadlift. I’m close but yet so far away. 

What was the best advice you were ever given?           
Getting strong takes a lifetime. Keep up the consistency and enjoy the process. Gains will come. 

What book are you reading right now?           
Four thousand Weeks – Time management for mortals. 

What are three things still left on your bucket list?           
Backcountry motorcycle trip, cruise to Alaska, an official powerlifting meet. 

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?           
Time travel (just so I can go back and start lifting when I was younger. 😉 )

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