Member of the Week – Sohan

Sohan joined 6S in November 2023 and has been crushing it ever since. Not only has he noticed his strength and conditioning improving, but he also noted how his mental health has improved. And it shows! Sohan is a pleasure to have at 6S. He always has a smile on his face, he works hard, and is eager to learn!

Keep up the great work, Sohan! 

We are so excited to see you hit the Beach WOD stage in July!

We caught up with Sohan and asked him a few questions about his journey at 6S.

When and why did you join 6S?

I joined 6S in June 2023 in the powerlifting program. I wanted to try 6S to do something different/challenging at the gym (and also for a smaller commute, ha ha). I moved to the Crossfit program in November 2023. 

What would you tell someone who is considering joining this program?

As a newcomer without any athletic background and without any crossfit experience (I am really a pen pusher), it was quite challenging for me . But it is highly rewarding. Every class left me feeling accomplished.  

What specific results have you experienced since you started this program? 

I finished Murph on time! I also noticed that my endurance has improved, i. e. I need to pause less during the workout. And I am able to finish more cardio intensive workouts in time. 

What are you working towards now? Any specific goals?

Olympic lifts are always a challenge for me. Aside from those, one of my other main goals is to hold a “handstand” position for 5 sec.   

What is one fun fact/something people do not know about you? 

I play “a lot” of board games (both online and in person). I played “Ark Nova” over 600 times on the Board games arena  (which translates into around 400 hours).

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