2017 6S Underground Throwdown Recap!

On Saturday Nov. 25th we hosted our first ever members competition, 6S Underground Throwdown, and it’s safe to say that the whole day was INCREDIBLE! Everyone came together for one common goal – to support each other and have fun – and that is something magical to witness. Thank you to everyone who made this day possible!

Missed the action? No problem! Here’s a recap of the competition:

The day began with a group warmup – all 32 competitors did burpees to the AC/DC song “Thunderstruck”.


Afterwards, WOD 1 was released and teams were divided into two heats after a friendly game of the “Clip Squat Game”. Then athletes tackled:
For time:
20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (50/35/35/20)
20 Single Unders
*Funnel style – one athlete completing a full round before the next began

​This workout was intense! Athletes didn’t waste any time getting over the box, and after blazing through the dumbbell snatches, athletes were not phased by the single unders. All teams completed the workout in less than 8 minutes, with Bod Watch taking the W by only a couple of seconds. Amazing work everyone!

​After a little R&R, WOD 2 was released and this time, teams were divided into two heats after flopping through some no-hand burpees. WOD 2 gave teams 16 minutes to build to a heavy “Power clean + 2 Front Squats + Hang Squat Clean” complex. WOD 2 was scored as the sum of all the heaviest successful lifts from each teammate. Athletes could go in any order they wanted, but everyone had to share one bar and designated plates. The energy in the room during this workout could have blown the roof off! We witnessed some heavy lifts, A LOT of PRs (and PR faces) and even more determination. Lifting heavy in a short time domain was key here and teams had to strategize accordingly. Rusty Thrusters came out on top, lifting over 700#!


With the ranking after WOD 2 closer than ever, teams were anxious for the reveal of WOD 3. The top 4 teams after WOD 3 would move on to the semi-final workout, and have a chance at making the finale! WOD 3 was an 8 minute AMRAP, wherein athletes had to strategize how to maximize their points. Movements were grouped into points categories and athletes had to pick one movement to do for the entire AMRAP.

Was it more beneficial to aim for a higher skill movement for more points, with potentially less reps or a lower skill movement for less points, where more reps could likely be obtained? We saw both strategies utilized in this workout. It was inspiring to see athletes play to their strengths and teams work together to communicate when to change athletes. Athletes moved fast, completed big sets and all teams earned over 1000 points!! That’s A LOT of reps! The total points were close, but in the end “2 Fit 2 Quit” had the most effective strategy and took the W.

After leaving teams on edge for the lunch break, the semi-final teams were announced: WOD Watch, 2 Fit 2 Quit, Clifford & the Big Red Dogs and AMNAP. The semi-final workout was a 12 min AMRAP of partner synchro thrusters, but reps only counted when the other pair was hanging on the bar. For every drop off the bar athletes had to do 5 synchro burpees to continue working. This workout was LIT! All teams crushed it and the difference between first and fourth place was only 12 reps!


Then, it was time for the finale – winner takes all! The finale workout was rowing intervals, where athletes had to pick a specific distance (more distance = less sprints). WOD Watch, Clifford & the Big Red Dogs and AMNAP were ready! They went blazing out of the gate and kept everyone on their toes!

It was a photo-finish between Clifford & the Big Red Dogs and AMNAP, where AMNAP came from behind to take the win (by a few seconds)! WOD Watch wasn’t far behind and completed the workout with everyone cheering them on.

The entire day was magical. The 6S community is nothing short of amazing and we are so blessed and thankful to have such supportive, motivating and caring members who we can call our friends. In addition to the ongoing support and encouragement throughout the day, together, we raised over $300 for Eddie’s Wife, Anne, who is in the midst of her battle with cancer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always supporting and believing in us and those in our community – you are all amazing!

This event would not have been possible without the help of all of our volunteers, judges, spectators, competitors and sponsors. In particular, thank you to Lululemon, North Strong Collective, Popeyes Toronto, Integrative Health Institute, 1RM Jewellery, Peninsula Ridge Winery, Adriana Ermter and Gys Weverink for your generous donations.


​1st Place: AMNAP
2nd Place: Clifford & the Big Red Dogs
3rd Place: WOD Watch
Best Costume: Rusty Thrusters
MVP: Payton Liske
Best Female Performer: Katie Whiteside
Best Male Performer: James Hoover
Best Female Spirit: Megan Henchin
Best Male Spirit: Sam Pisani

But most importantly, congratulations to everyone! Those who walked away with prizes and those who walked away with PRs, good memories and great friends! This will be hard to top, but we will do our best next year!

We love you all!


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