October 6SFit Programming

Congratulations to all of our members on another 6S-full month!

We loved seeing everyone crush the back squats, snatch pulls, split jerks, and metcons!

As we enter another month, we are going to be wrapping up these cycles and test new 1RM split jerk and a new 10RM back squat. If you didn’t have a chance to test this at the beginning of our cycle (or just recently joined), this is a great way to gauge your CURRENT baseline.

Here’s what you can look forward to in October:

  • New Snatch Cycle: We hope everyone is feeling more confident with their snatch starting positions and pulls! This month we will take what we learned from all the snatch pull work and transfer it to the snatch!
  • Clean Cycle: While we are wrapping up our back squat cycle, you can expect to see lots of squatting paired with cleans to continue to build leg strength and speed under the bar!
  • Kettlebell Work: We LOVE kettlebell work because it is unilateral (ie. helps remove asymmetry) and requires strength, coordination, speed, and awareness throughout our ENTIRE body. This month you can expect lots of front rack steps ups. Do not underestimate how much these can benefit you! They recruit muscles throughout our entire body and will lead to gains in all other movements. #DonotskipKBday
  • METCONS: This month you can expect to see some named re-tests, so if you have been with us for 4-5 months, hopefully you have some data in SugarWOD to compare to! Regardless, these named workouts are meant to act as benchmarks for progress, so make sure to log your results!
  • Finishers: You will also see a lot of “finishers” after the metcons. These pieces, while they might look and/or feel silly or simple, are very beneficial. Forcing your body to move under no load immediately after a workout helps teach your body to be more efficient at flushing out lactate – speeding up recovery and helping reduce soreness.

Remember to TRACK YOUR PROGRESS IN SUGARWOD (or something similar). We love data because it allows us to objectively view and measure our progress and ensure that we are improving and seeing the results we want.

One last note: Success is not solely measured by the weight on the bar or the time it took you to finish a workout. Sometimes a PR / win is finishing the workout, feeling stronger with a movement, getting through a class after a long day, doing something new for the first time, etc. Each person’s measure of “success” will be different, so it is important that you understand what SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE TO YOU.


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