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Hello there! My name is Evan Rose, if I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you around the gym allow me to introduce myself. Im new to the gym and currently working on the back end with the content team with plans in the future to be a CrossFit coach for you wonderful members.
To me, fitness is a way to bring accomplishments into the physical world. Pushing yourself to complete a workout, master a new exercise or beat a previous PR are all amazing feelings of growth and progress. Growing up I got a taste of these feelings which merged both community and health, which are the two pillars that make a fitness lifestyle so gratifying to embrace.

A little about myself and how I got here today. I was born just north of Toronto in Newmarket, where I grew up playing hockey, soccer and baseball which is where my love of team building and athleticism was cultivated. On top of that, my dad was a gym buff and a personal trainer for most of my childhood, when I showed an interest in weightlifting he taught me nearly everything I needed to know. From the age of 15 until now I’ve spent every year working out and exercising with minor breaks in between (when life happens). Any form of athletics has grabbed my attention in the past, from sports like ultimate frisbee to obstacle courses or long distance runs. For me, doing fitness related activities is where I find myself the happiest and I love to embrace that feeling and empower others to seek the same.

From my hometown, I made my way to downtown for school at the University of Toronto where I studied political science, philosophy and history, graduating in 2019. Upon graduating, I was able to move downtown permanently with a  full-time job which allowed me to explore the fitness culture downtown. This all lead me to where I am now, at 6S Fitness!

As a coach, I hope to project the core values of inclusivity, consistency and perseverance to make every encounter and workout as enjoyable as possible. As a part of the content team, I hope to broadcast those same values to like minded individuals and build our community, together. Empowering people to live a healthier life and seeing joy in the community brings me a sense of genuine elation as I know the value that it brings to those who embrace it.

I am so happy to be part of a community that holds such high values and practices what they preach through work and encouragement. That’s where my love of athletics truly stems from, hard work, community, perseverance and longevity.

I can’t wait to see you all around the gym soon!

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