What is online coaching?

With the transition to more people working from home & the closure of gyms in the city, more and more people are also working out from home. And for a lot of us, we’re not accustomed to either, but our only choice is to adapt. 

But the problem is: most of us “know” what we have to do – we need to adapt a new routine, we need to stick to this routine, we need to minimize our snacking etc. the list goes on – but we don’t have the accountability in place to motivate us to get these things done. This tends to result in a downward spiral, where sleeping in, eating poorly and lack of exercise begin to become our new “norm”. Worst of all, we stop feeling strong & confident in our skin!

So why is it that with all of the free information out there, most of us feel crippled, which results in no action being taken to help improve our overall health and wellness?

The problem is there is so much mixed information, and too much information in general, so we don’t actually know what needs to be done to achieve our goals. So we either don’t do it, or end up spinning our tires, jumping from workout plan to workout plan without it actually helping us achieve our goals.

That’s where we can help!

Our online coaching program is designed to give you the support and accountability you need to stay on track and to achieve your goals. Quarantine doesn’t have to be “survival” mode, there are still actions we can take to help progress us forward! 

At CrossFit 6S, we take a holistic approach and look at your lifestyle, habits, nutrition, exercise and mental health to ensure all the pieces of the puzzle are functioning properly together! 

Our online coaching program is like personal training! While your coach may not physically be there with you for your sessions, the support you will receive will make it feel like they are!

How it works:

  • You and your coaches (fitness & nutrition) have a virtual initial consultation to discuss your goals
  • Your coach creates a customized workout plan to meet your skill and fitness level
  • Your Registered Dietitian creates a customized & sustainable nutrition plan built for you
  • Your workout plan is delivered to you through a personal training app (TrueCoach)
  • Your nutrition plan is delivered to you through a health and wellness app (Practice Better)
  • You do the work, record your results & chat regularly with your coach about it!
  • You’ll have weekly communication with your coaches to make adjustments
  • You’ll have a virtual check-in call once per month
  • You’ll become part of our amazing community online & have access to social events such as workouts, yoga & workshops on various health and fitness topics!​​
Online coaching may look and feel different than in-person training, but we promise that if you stick to the plan, listen to your coaches & remain honest with yourself, you WILL SEE RESULTS! Plus, just think of all the travel time you’ll save now! The flexibility of online training is next-to-none: do the workouts whenever & wherever you want! 10 minutes late? No problem! Want different music? Change it! Don’t have time for 60 minutes today? Do 30! Online training at CrossFit 6S is FULLY customizable!

Gone are the days of strolling the internet and wondering which workout you should do first. Let our coaches do the searching and thinking for you, so all you have to worry about is getting the work DONE! And you can be confident that what you are doing is meant for YOU & will give you RESULTS!

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