5 Ways To Spice Up Your Chicken

For most of us who consume meat and want to be healthy, chicken breasts are our go-to source of lean protein. But, after meal prepping chicken breasts over and over again, most of us find ourselves bored of the taste and in some cases, outright sick of it. If this sounds like something you have experienced, there is hope!

Here are 5 ways you can spice up (pun intended) your chicken breasts so that you do not get sick of them. PLUS, these are just 5 of the things we like to do, the truth is that there are probably another 20 more!

  1. Change the cut of meat
    If you’re still looking for a lean protein source, instead of cooking with chicken thighs (which are higher in fat), try ground chicken breast. Oddly enough, it tastes different than whole chicken breasts. As well, sometimes a difference in texture is enough to trick our brains into enjoying a different flavour.

  1. Cut into slices and pan-fry to cook
    Not only does this ensure more even cooking throughout (so you don’t get a dry centre), you maintain more juices than if you cooked the chicken breast whole & are less likely to over cook it! Spray your pan with an olive oil (NOT vegetable oil) based spray and add spices for a low-fat option, or cook with olive oil to add more fat.

  1. Bake in the oven
    Baking chicken in the oven will produce a different taste than pan-frying. You can add whatever seasonings you want on top. Make sure your chicken breasts are dry, then brush with olive oil, cook @400-450F for 15-20 mins (confirm with thermometer). You can also tenderize the chicken breast beforehand by soaking in salty water for 15 mins before cooking. Once cooked, let sit 10 minutes covered with foil before cutting & VOILA!

  1. Cook in the crockpot
    Set it & forget it! This is probably one of the easiest ways to cook your chicken. Plus, you don’t have to stress over whether you’re at risk for getting salmonella. You can add so many different things to change the flavour of the chicken. You can get “fancy” with this crockpot chicken recipe, or keep it simple with a broth or hot sauce.

  1. Cook with a coating
    Don’t waste your calories or coins on restaurant chicken fingers, make your own! You can make a healthier version with egg whites (instead of whole eggs) and your choice of flour, depending on intolerances and preferences. Another great option is this pecan-crusted chicken.

Once you’ve cooked all your protein for the week, you can also drastically change up the flavour with your meal-cooking method. For instance, pan-frying your chicken with rice and veggies will taste significantly different than if you just heated your meal up in the microwave.

Don’t have a stove at work? Try pan-frying it the night before to get the flavours you want, and then reheat it the next day to enjoy it warm!

Have other tips and tricks? Hit reply & let us know – we’d love to hear them!

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