The 6S Intramural Open was back and bigger than ever

After 5 years, the 6S Intramural Open was back and bigger than ever!

4 teams of 63 participants cheered each other on, challenged themselves, set new personal records, and built lasting friendships!

The energy at the gym on our Friday Night Lights events was electric and everyone brought their A-game of enthusiasm and team spirit.

Week 1 of 24.1 brought a spicy combination of dumbbell snatches and burpees, with team Lucky Charms off to a strong start leading the pack in points.

The second week, 24.2 we saw the teams tackling rowing, deadlifts, and challenging their double-unders. Team Candy Crushers leveled up the spirit ante with their decorations, candy station, and bubblegum necklace!

The final week brought the real action with 24.3, a push and pull challenge covering spicy barbell thrusters, pull-ups, and muscle-ups. Congrats to all who took on that barbell and gymnastics challenge!

Special shout out to our weekly MVPs.

These members went above and beyond, not only tackling the workouts themselves, but they stayed on to cheer the rest of the members, support their team, picked up a clipboard to help judge, and brought positive and encouraging words to all!

Congratulations Mark K, Ege, and Martina!

Last but not least, we could not have done this without our incredible Captains!

Their hard work behind the scenes was a key part of making this year’s event a success.

Pumping up their teams, organizing team colours and decorations, bringing the team spirit, and encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zone.

This year’s Captains were:

Andrew – Candy Crushers

Kayleigh – Cirque de Sore Legs

Devon – Our Captain has Bigger Biceps than yours

Siobhan –  Lucky Charms

Thank you Captains!!!

All of our teams did an incredible job and made the 6S Intramural Open an event to remember.

We celebrate you all, and congratulations this year’s overall team winner: team Lucky Charms!

ICYMI here is the link for the pictures:

You all truly showed what an incredible community we have here at 6S and we couldn’t have done it without all your efforts.

Huge thanks to everyone who showed up, worked out, cheered people on, and made this year’s 6S Intramural Open one of the best ever!

Your 6S team

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