6S Nutrition Challenge Summary

Nutrition and your lifestyle outside of the gym is at the base of the fitness pyramid. How you fuel your body, sleep past night, manage your stress, and drink water impacts your current performance and future health. When considering overall wellness, the 23 hours of your life that occur outside of the gym matter more than the time in the gym (pause, and re-read that again).

Starting on October 15th, 19 members and non-members embarked a 28-day nutrition challenge to get a handle on their health habits and level-up their nutrition heading into the holiday season. This was our first in-person challenge since the pandemic & it was a HUGE 6S!

Our happy participants after the initial kick off meeting at 6s!

Each week participants learned about different nutrition & health topics. We had 1-on-1 and group accountability and weekly meetings where we discussed important topics.

Here’s a snapshot of what we did:

  • Week 1: We kicked things off with some goal setting (also with an Inbody body composition scan) and we learned about layering on behavioural changes one habit at a time and how to make nutrition fit into people’s lifestyles.
  • Week 2: We learned about plant-based eating and how to integrate more plant-based protein into people’s diets.
  • Week 3: We learned about sports nutrition and how to properly fuel people’s activities to maximize outputs and recovery.
  • Week 4: The final week was focused on debunking popular fad diets and how to continue the new habits formed. We shared tips on finding moderation and mindful eating tactics, encouraging self care, and challenging the norm of food.

Weekly challenges further pushed participants to share their balanced meals, plant-based meals, pre-workout fuel and balanced treat. Collectively participants gained nutrition knowledge to establish new habits and build a better nutrition plan to fit into their lifestyle.

At the end of it all, we met with the participants again to see what worked and what did not & set a plan for the next 4 weeks.

EVERYONE CRUSHED IT! Not only did people develop healthier and more sustainable habits, but people lost fat, gained muscle & felt stronger, more energetic and happier at the end of it all! Congratulations everyone!

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: To David K who was our overall challenge winner!

Our challenge winner with his prize!

David was followed closely by Tina & Suruchi.

As well, shoutout to our top transformation, Silvia, for overcoming a long standing plateau.

Top transformation winner & 2nd and 3rd place winners with Dietitian Alysha!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our participants for overcoming barriers, committing to and trusting the process, and for your energy and effort over the 4 weeks! We look forward to seeing what 2023 will bring!

Next challenge coming Spring 2023. David has already said he will be there to defend his title. Get ready!

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