Athlete of the Month: Gerson Lopez

Gerson is a longtime 6S member. He’s been training with us since July 2019. Although he’s pretty quiet, he’s one of the kindest and hardest working people I know. He never backs out of a challenge, and always shows up ready to give his 100%.

Although it has been a challenging year, Gerson has not let his fitness fall behind. When he traveled to Mexico, he even logged into our morning zoom classes to stay active while at home. And throughout our gym closure, he’s still a morning zoom class regular and always shows up with a big smile and a solid effort to any training day.

Gerson is an absolute pleasure to have in any class, and is such a stable and great addition to our 6S Family. With a work effort like his, there’s no telling what he’s able to accomplish!

Written by Coach Whitney

What is one thing people may be surprised to learn about you?
I have a twin brother (not identical though) but we were born the same day, and yes, during childhood we dressed alike. 

Why did you start functional fitness training?
After years of going to regular gyms, I found myself stock in the same movements with no guidance. Once I went to see Shawn participating in the Beach WOD in 2019, I realized that functional fitness training was the next step. 

What’s your favorite music to workout to?
I am into Dance/Electronic music, but sometimes any song that I can synchronize my movements with is great.

What is your proudest 6S moment?
The WOD involved ball slams and burpee box jumps. While everyone had to take a minute of rest. I was able to complete the workout with no rest. 

What impact has CF6S had on your life inside and outside the gym?
I enjoy more working out and I try to be more active outside of the gym. I feel that my mobility has improved and I have learnt to listen my body.

Other than fitness, what do you do for fun?
I love listening music while I am walking, showering and house cleaning. This also includes clubbing and going to concerts. When I travel, I love hiking. 

What was the best advice you were ever given?
Fitness wise, Julia gave an amazing advice in how to better perform burpees. That is: relax on the way down and don’t do a full push up.

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

Choose a movie title for the story of your life.
The Pursuit of Happiness

What are three things still left on your bucket list?
Hike to the Everest Base Camp,  visit the Antarctica, Drive through America (Canada-Argentina)

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