Can Meal Delivery Services Help You Reach Your Goals?

In the past few years, the popularity of meal delivery services has grown significantly. We all have busy schedules and these free up time for other activities. These meals don’t just save you time but also reduces food waste, helps you control portions, makes healthy eating accessible and convenient, and enables you to track your health goal. But what does behind the scenes of a prepared meal delivery company look like? Let’s meet Amy from Honey Bee Meals to learn about her company and how meal delivery service can help you reach your goals.
6S: Tell us about yourself and a snippet of what Honey Bee Meals is!

AS: My name is Amy Sherman and I am a Certified Holistic & Sports Nutritionist, CrossFit L2 Trainer and founder of Honey Bee Meals. I train clients privately, coach group classes and run all of the operations of Honey Bee Meals. Honey Bee Meals are fully-prepared, hand-crafted meals, breakfasts and snacks made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. We deliver across the GTA to our customers twice a week. 

6S: How did you start Honey Bee Meals? 

AS: It was a bit of a happy accident! I was meal prepping for some of my nutrition clients in their homes until one of my clients suggested that it would be easiest (and less of a mess for them!) if I prepped their food in my kitchen. So I did… well, in my parent’s kitchen! What started as a few dozen meals every week quickly started buzzin’ and grew out of my parent’s house and into our first commercial kitchen. As HBM grew, so did our menu, delivery zone and overall operations. Running a business is an incredible rollercoaster – you continue to learn and persevere. 

6S: What kind of ingredients do you use in your meals?
AS: Our entire menu is gluten, dairy, soy, sugar and nut free. We cook this way to help alleviate common allergens and promote nutrient density in our food. Nutrient density refers to the amount of beneficial nutrients in food in proportion to their energy content – basically how beneficial the calories you consume are. We source our produce daily from the Food Terminal and focus on local items and suppliers. Our animal protein is hormone and antibiotic free and fish is sustainable and Ocean Wise. We always use real, fresh and quality ingredients and source local produce and items whenever possible.

6S: What benefits to prepared meals serve to athletes and weekend warriors?

AS: Time and consistency. You cannot beat the convenience of having your food made for you and macros counted for you. If you have health goals, and have a busy schedule, pre-made meals are truly a game-changer. Our menus are always changing and you can pick your meals each week. We have customers who order every week or order every once and awhile – totally dependent on their needs. 

6S: How do you integrate the meals into your diet?

AS: My fridge is always full of our meals and snacks! As much as I love to cook, my time and energy needs to be focussed on other areas and aspects of my business and life – which is exactly why I started Honey Bee Meals. Knowing that I can just grab a container of nutritious food takes so much stress away. 

6S: What does the future hold for HoneyBee Meals?

AS: We are always working on expanding our delivery areas, menu offerings and overall customer experience. We do have a few exciting things planned that I can’t share just yet but stay tuned and you’ll see!

Follow @honeybeemeals for updates, and check out there website to learn about and order meals today!

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