CrossFit 6S @ UG Games 2018

This past weekend, CrossFit 6S had 7 teams compete in Collingwood at the UG Games, and everyone crushed it! Athletes – most who have never competed before – showed up to work hard and have fun and that’s exactly what we did! They climbed ropes for the first time, synchronized their pull-ups, lifted heavy weights, went swimming, and battled the blazing heat the entire weekend to support each other. We are so proud of everyone and can’t wait to see what the next competition brings!
The competition started on Friday with Julia competing in the individual category and Dana competing in the Master’s individual category. Both ladies completed 3 workouts in the afternoon against some stiff competition, and even more challenging conditions. Despite the strong winds and choppy water, both ladies finished all events strong – with top finishes in the first event, the sprint-type triathalon. Julia finished 8th overall against a stacked lineup of Regionals athletes and Dana finished in 3rd place! Great job, ladies!


On Saturday, our RX and semi-pro teams hit the competition floor. Each team tackled 4 workouts in 4 hours in the blazing heat. Our RX team – CrossFit 6S RX – had top finishes in the squat and bike workout and placed 6th out of 15 very strong RX teams (a handful composed of elite regionals athletes).  We’re confident we will see them on the podium next year!

All of our semi-pro teams battled hard in each workout. “Fran-D Zone” despite complications with the spelling of their team name, placed 4th on the swim workout out of over 90 teams (!!), and moved through their heavy synchro thrusters with blazing speed. “Team Name” remained consistent throughout each workout, and nailed their synchro movements without much previous team practice. “Beachwatch’s” practice paid off as they battled hard through each workout and made teamwork and communication a priority. “Cardino” – despite their name – demonstrated that they do have strong engines, with their highest finish of the weekend being on the bike/squat cardio workout. “Team Eye Contact” – made up of mainly Powerlifters, held their own in each workout and proved that strength and teamwork goes a long way. “Beards and Babes” demonstrated what “never giving up” looks like – they attacked each workout, supported one another, and had fun all the way to the end.

After supporting everyone in the sun on Saturday, “THE WOD SQUAD” had their time to shine on Sunday in the Amateur division. They went out with a bang and finished 2nd in their heat and 23rd overall on the swim workout – the last workout of the weekend – against some very strong teams!


Overall, everyone demonstrated to us and the 6S community what hard-working and supporting members we have. All competitors gave their 110% in each workout, overcame fears, tried new things, PR’d, and remained positive the entire time.

​Special shoutouts to Pam for never giving up on the rope climbs, to Natalie who was only an inch away from getting her first pull-up ever, to all the competitors who competed for the first time, to Paul and Melissa from OHFAST for coming down on Saturday to take care of the athletes and ensure they could perform at their best, to Luke for capturing highlights from the weekend (pictures to come!), and to Dave for being the weekend #hypeboy and supporting everyone throughout the weekend.

Here’s to another year of training, getting fitter, learning new things, challenging yourself & proving to yourself that you CAN do it! For most athletes, this competition has been the main goal since the CrossFit Open. Now, it’s time to think about what’s to come! 

What’s your next goal? Write it down & let’s make it happen!

Until next time!

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