Meet Coach Dave

I’m a CrossFit coach and I have done some form of physical activity my whole life – I adore fitness, which I will use as an umbrella term for everything!

I was not born with natural athletic ability! Fortunately I was blessed with single minded determination and that has helped me greatly both in life and the joy that is Competitive Exercising aka CrossFit.


It was only when I joined the Parachute Regiment in the British Army and attended the Physical Training instructor course that I discovered a passion to train people.

​Upon returning to South Africa after my service, I studied Sport Psychology and worked as a trainer in the normal gyms as we know them. While you could make a decent living, there was just something missing. During my Sport Science course in 2011 we had to participate in physical training as part of the course, lucky for our class, our practical supervisors were CrossFit mad. The Level 1 arrived in South Africa in September 2011 and a bunch of us jumped on the Gains Train!

The next 7ish years were spent coaching in South Africa at two separate affiliates and competing in local competitions. It took me 40 years of patience but in July of 2016 I was finally into the Masters Category of The Open. The same year they announced the 35-39 division…. ARGH!

In February 2017, I passed my Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) exam which also coincided with my wife and I beginning to investigate a move to Canada. That move has now taken place courtesy of a position opening up in Toronto where she works.

I have ‘fitness’ ADHD. I struggle to focus on one aspect for a solid period of time. Currently I would like to go to the CrossFit Games in the Masters or Team categories, which means I should be mainly focused on that goal. BUT my attention wanders. Being at 6S has opened so many other options: Do I try Powerlifting? What about Weightlifting? No no no! Stay focused on the Games… oooooo I need to train to be Jason Bourne (I’ve always wanted to be JASON BOURNE!).
Add the move to Canada and now I need to delve into Hockey… always wanted to do that too but we didn’t have that down in South Africa! But wait… what about a Biathlon at the Winter Games for the GLORY of Canada?!

As you read this you are starting to realize that I am basically a crazy person! The poor morning crews at 6S… bless them for tolerating my enthusiasm. I love mornings and I love fitness – if you meet me you’ll quickly figure that out.

What you don’t know is that I’m super introverted… SHOCK! It doesn’t come across at the Box because that’s my happy place. If you were to witness me out of my comfort zone, I am as quiet as a mouse! My wife Alison constantly shakes her head as I run away from sales assistants (stranger danger!). I’m 6’3 and 240 pounds and I still get my wife to ask for things on my behalf.

Yes I’m a lunatic, an acquired taste if you will, much like caviar.

I’m not going to bore you with lists of things I’ve done. I have lived life to this point and what I’ve done and experienced has shaped who you meet today. But that is the past. Everyday is a chance to be better, to reset and tackle life’s challenges. Not just the fitness ones but the human ones too! We all have past glories and those are cool… but what can you actually do today, this moment, this second?

The mental side of fitness fascinates me. You can have all the genetic potential in the world BUT if you don’t get off your ass and do the work you are going nowhere. We all talk ourselves out of cool things we could achieve. Take a moment to stop, breathe and then just start! Don’t wait for Monday or next month, the best time to start is to START! That’s the true path to your dreams!

I’m Dave… let us Quest for Fitness!

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