Meet Mel and see why consistency is key

Here’s what can happen when fitness and nutrition become a lifestyle.

Meet Mel. She has leveled up her health and well-being.

Her secret? Consistency.

Through building sustainable habits, accountable guidance from our Registerd Dietitian, and the support of our Coaches in our group classes, Mel has made incredible changes.

Mel joined Food for 6S in 2020 for a 30-day challenge. Her hopes were to develop better and sustainable habits. Mel was going to the gym and was looking to see how these habits could help promote even more results than fitness alone.

Since then, Mel has made her nutrition and fitness a priority.

“I have found a better work-life balance and choose to prioritize my health and rest over everything. I have found a new love for tennis, bike riding, and hiking. I somehow love being outside even in the cold!”

By adjusting her nutrition and fitness strategies, Mel has also discovered big improvements from small, yet consistent changes.

“My sleep has done a complete 180! I have been a terrible sleeper my whole life and had resigned myself to always being that way but turns out you can break really old patterns!”

Our Registered Dietitan works with your lifestyle and the foods you enjoy, “…don’t be concerned that the dietitian you work with will impose restrictions on you. I still eat foods I love every day!”

Take it from Mel. Stay the course, embrace the little changes, and celebrate your successes.

“Stick with it and be patient and kind to yourself. Results will not happen overnight…”

In addition to improved sleep, health, and well-being, Mel has found her dedication paying off in the gym.

“I did over 20 double unders in a row, the most since before the pandemic! I credit that to being more consistent in classes of course but also recognize that my energy level and improvements in my gut health have made a big difference.”

Never one to settle, Mel is currently working towards new goals:

“I want to improve my hydration, be more mindful of intuitive eating, and hopefully get a pull-up (maybe one day). “

Mel is an inspiring demonstration of how even small, yet consistent changes and dedication to fitness and nutrition can have big impacts on overall health and well-being.

By implementing sustainable habits over time, these habits eventually become a lifestyle. Today is always a good day to start. Try something new. Make a change. No matter how small it may seem, you never know what potential a new habit will unlock.

What is one fun fact/something people do not know about you?

“I am a die-hard basketball fan! I grew up going to Pistons games my whole life with my dad and even had the chance to meet the 2004 championship team a few years ago.”

Thanks for inspiring the 6S community Mel. We know your story will help others to take the next step!

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