Nutrition Member Transformation: Matt Serrick

Matt started his nutrition journey with the nutrition challenge in June 2021.

This was a huge learning opportunity for him to understand the basics and form great habits surrounding his lifestyle and his relationship with food. After the challenge, Matt continued his journey with one on one coaching which enabled him to tailor his nutrition to his preferences and lifestyle. Once he understood he could have balance of enjoying the things he loved (pizza!), he saw continual and consistent change.

What was your biggest challenge before joining Food For 6S?

I had tried various dieting techniques before with some results, but I was always missing something. Either I was depriving myself of foods that I wanted to eat, or I couldn’t stay consistent with the specific diet. As a result I got to a point, but then I plateaued and I wasn’t really sure what to do from there. In starting to pick up my fitness routines as well, I wanted to incorporate a plan that would complement that as – I didn’t want all of the hard work I was putting in with exercise to be diminished by my nutrition.

How did that challenge make you feel?

The nutrition challenge was fun. It wasn’t as much about the food (although there was a component of it) as much as incorporating good, general lifestyle habits in all areas of your life. From stress reduction, to water intake, to sleep, to limiting screen time, as well as some nutritional ideas to incorporate. I focused on certain habits at a time, and over the course of the month, most of them became much easier as they had been built into my routine. There was a lot of opportunity to ask questions and to speak with fellow challenge members about successes and failures. It was also great to be able to come up with some recipes to share with others.

What changed after working with us?

I feel like the challenge set me on a path by building up the foundations of good lifestyle and nutrition habits that I have carried with me today. I view food differently. Not as something that I need to do to “survive” but something that fuels my body to do the things that I WANT to do, and help my body “thrive”. And, I can eat whatever I want. There are limitations, of course, but no restrictions. Pizza, anyone? 🙂

What specific results can you share?

Over the course of the challenge in June, I lost approximately 10 pounds – without tracking any other values – BUT since that time in continuing with following the foundational nutritional principles and working with Alysha, I have lost another 10 pounds, but also increased muscle mass AND decreased my percentage of body fat.

What would say to somebody sitting on the fence about joining FF6S?

The nutritional challenge was an easy (but still challenging), no pressure way to start to form some great habits surrounding lifestyle and relationship with food. The things that I have learned there have given me the tools to take my goals and training to the next level. Hindsight is 20/20, but I wish I had learned some of these tools much earlier.

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