The Method Behind Coach Dave’s Madness: Upcoming Class Programming

We want to acknowledge all of our members, for their continuous hard work and dedication to improving their health and fitness – you are all such an inspiration! The amount of PRs that we have witnessed over the last few months is incredible, and could not come at a better time…#6SINTHEOPEN. To our entire 6S community: we recognize, admire and appreciate all of your hardwork, and we are forever grateful for your trust in us as coaches and in our programming.

Wondering what’s to come with the programming?

Here’s a quick note from Coach Dave on some upcoming changes to the class programming – what you can expect to see and why!

Dear Glory Hunters!

I wanted to drop a mail to outline the direction of the program going forward because there are going to be some developments.

First I would like to thank you for attacking the MADNESS that I have been writing. I’ve been attending various CrossFit courses which both challenge and excite me. Naturally I would be remiss if I did not share the knowledge gained on the courses with you.

This past weekend, I attended the CrossFit Conjugate Methods course. The overall theme was building strength and explosiveness, with longevity as the main driving force behind the movements. I learned a lot about the benefits of this type of training and how to integrate these elements into CrossFit programming, and I can’t wait for you to experience it! The elements covered in this course will form the general framework of the weekly program going forward. You will notice some changes already in effect for example: 1RM back squat appearing during the Open and shorter AMRAP’s this week with accessory on both those days.

While, CrossFit will always be the FOCUS, the new framework will allow me to plug in things learned on Conjugate Methods and CrossFit Gymnastics and Aerobic Capacity.

What can you expect to see?
The class layout will begin to differ. Sometimes you will be in groups of 4 chasing each other through a set of speed squats. Naturally, the bikes, skis and rowers will play their GLORIOUS part too. Included in the week will be movements that seem odd, but they will be building hip power for athleticism, tricep strength for pressing success and things that will bulletproof our backs and shoulders so that we can sustain joint health and build consistency in training in the long term.

Only through consistency can we truly achieve results.

This whole framework is aimed at the ENTIRE CrossFit membership no matter if you want to ever compete or not. I want you to be able to DOMINATE life!

See you at the Box,

Coach Dave

PS. If you have any questions, or want more information about the programming, feel free to come and chat with me!

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