WODS On-the-Go

Looking to keep your fitness up while away from your home gym? Wondering what workouts you can do with zero or minimal equipment?

We’ve got you covered! Our coaches have put together a list of workouts that can be completed anywhere, anytime! 


Can you guess who designed each workout?

1) The Massacre
For time:

10 burpees
10 burpees + 20 pushups 
10 burpees + 20 pushups + 50 lunges (25/leg)
10 burpees + 20 pushups + 50 lunges + 100 sit-ups 
10 burpees + 20 pushups + 50 lunges + 100 sit-ups + 150 air squats 

2) 8 rounds, no rest:
15s plank 
15s arch hold 
15s side plank
15s side plank 

3) 100 burpees a day but EMOM 10 air squats (RX+ in a weight vest) 

4) AMRAP 20
1 x Suicide Shuttle (5/10/15m)
15 Push Ups
1 x Suicide Shuttle (5/10/15m)
30 V Sit Up
1 x Suicide Shuttle (5/10/15m)
45 Air Squat

5) 15min EMOM
1. 30 air squats
2. 15 burpees 
3. 12 v ups ​

6) 7 min of burpees

7) Death by …(insert a movement you like here)
*Format is: min 0 = 1 rep, min 1 = 2 reps, min 2 = 3 reps etc. continue until you can no longer completed the prescribed number of reps within the minute! 

8) With a bench/box/couch etc (need for first 2)
4 rounds
10 bulgarian lunges (weight optional)
10 dips
10 curtsey squats
10 pushups 
*If you don’t have a box-type object, you can do air squats and lunges!

9) For our runners:
6x400m hard effort
​*90 sec rest in between

10) 14 Min AMRAP
(As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 14 Min)

10 Air Squats
10 Sit Ups
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Plate Hops or Chalk Line Jump Overs (can hop over anything)

11) 300 air squats for time

12) For time:
50 tuck jumps
50 push-ups
50 air squats
50 russian twists
50 shoulder taps (in plank or against a wall)
50 walking lunges
50 V-ups (or sit ups)
50 burpees

13) 5 rounds for time:
30s handstand hold (or plank)
20 air squats

14) AMRAP20
5 handstand push-ups (sub hand-release push-ups)
10 pistols (sub air squats)
20 hollow rocks
30 double unders (sub 30 jumps if no rope or 60 singe unders)

15) 8 rounds of each (back-to-back if you can)
TABATA (20s on, 10s off)
Air Squat

For example: complete all 8 rounds of push-ups before moving on to sit-ups etc. 

If you have dumbbells (or something similar)…

16) 50 (wo)man-makers for time (RX+ add push-up)

17) AMRAP12
20 alt. dumbbell snatches
20 supine toe touches (holding 1 DB above shoulders)
20 alt. bodyweight lunges (RX+ could add DB here too)

18) 30 Rounds:
3 burpees
1 lungster (left lunge + right lunge + thruster with DBs on shoulders)

19) Can be done as a series, or in pieces as separate workouts (rest between if needed)
AMRAP5 (wo)man makers
AMRAP4 devil’s press
AMRAP3 burpees

20) For time
DB Clusters 
Burpees over DB (facing)
*20-50 Double Unders between each set (finish with DU)
**2X single under

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