2023 CrossFit Open @ 6S

Are you ready to put your hard work to the test?
Are you looking to challenge yourself and try something new?
Do things you once thought were impossible?

Then, join us for the 2023 CrossFit Open, where we will bond over PRs, challenging WODs and celebrate with post-workout drinks!

For those who do not know, the Open is a 3-week, online worldwide fitness challenge where people of all ages and abilities (including beginners) test their fitness in 3 workouts (1 per week) and post their score on the worldwide leaderboard.



How it works

  • The Open starts Thursday February 16th and ends Monday March 6th.
  • You must complete 3 workouts, 1 workout each week. Workouts are released Thursday nights at 3PM and scores are due Mondays at 8PM. 
  • Each workout will have different levels, so you can pick which one is most appropriate for you: Foundations, Scaled, and RX. There truly is a category for everyone!
  • We will host FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS at the gym every Friday night during the Open, on Feb 17th, Feb 24th and March 3rd beginning at 5:30PM, where members who are registered can come and do the workout together with coaches to help judge and review movement standards. 
  • For clarity, in replace of Friday 530pm and 630pm classes, on Friday Feb 17th, Friday Feb 24th, and March 3rd, we will release shorter time slots (depending on the length of  the workout) in Push Press. YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE. 
  • If you are NOT registered for the Open, you can still sign up for a 530-730pm time slot if this is your usual time to workout and you want to get your sweat on!!
  • Even if you are not registered, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to come join us on Friday’s to help cheer your friends on! Plus, we will hangout after and celebrate!

How to participate

  1. Register on the CrossFit Games website. Registration is NOW open!
  2. We are unaffiliated, so please join #6SFitness to get added to our leaderboard
  3. Reserve your preferred heat time in Push Press for Friday night when the heat times become available (late Thursday or early Friday morning once we know what the workout is). 
  4. Come at least 5-10 minutes before your heat time and get ready to HAVE SOME FUN!

The Open is truly for EVERYONE. We recommend joining through the CrossFit Games website because putting yourself on the leaderboard is a great way to stay accountable and to push that extra little bit. However, if you do not want to register, but still want to do the workouts, you can still sign up for a class Friday as the class programming on those 3 Fridays will be the Open workout. 

Questions about the Open? Email us at info@6sfitness.ca!

See you next Friday Feb. 17th!!

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