5 Tips To Surviving Outdoor Fitness This Summer

With gym’s welcoming members back after a long winter closure, we can leave the 2 dimensional Zoom style training behind and offer in person coaching and feedback. While this news is very welcoming, outdoor training can provide different challenges to those who are taking their fitness outside. Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your outdoor training this summer.

#1: BRING EXTRA WATER. With the unpredictable heat and humidity, it’s safe to say bring a second water bottle to your fitness class. Add in some electrolytes to keep your sodium levels balanced or even some powdered carbohydrates to deliver fuel throughout your session. With the humidity, you’ll continuously lose water while you workout, so it’s important to keep the body’s hydration levels at an optimal level.

#2: WEAR SUNSCREEN. This one is a no brainer when it comes to being outdoors for extended periods of time. However, no likes that feeling when you start to sweat and the sunscreen gets into your eyes mid workout (OUCH!). For the face, choose a broad spectrum, non greasy, lotion style of sunscreen. The sprays are great for the body, but they tend to be more oily and really burn when they get into the eyes.

#3: WEAR A HAT. This is another great option to keep the sun off the face and doubles as sweat band on the forehead. You could even opt for a UPF style hat (fabric that has built in sun protection) or bucket style to keep the sun off the face and neck.

#4: FUEL BEFORE YOUR CLASS. Make sure you fuel up the gas tank before your sweat sesh. Trying to workout on an empty stomach AND in the heat is a recipe for dizziness and a lack luster performance. Find your perfect fueling window before your workout and choose foods that will give you the energy you need to give your 100%. Great pre-workout food choices include banana’s, oats, grilled chicken, and sweet potato. You can also schedule a FREE CONSULTATION HERE with our in house Dietician Alysha to find the best foods that work for you before (and after) your workout.

#5: PACE YOURSELF. This is important, especially if you’ve stepped away from fitness for a bit. We understand that you have goals you want to meet, and ideally the sooner the better, but you don’t want to shock your body too hard when returning to fitness. Take your first few workouts back slower, and use light or no weight. You’ll most likely be quite sore after your first few sessions, all the more reason to ease your way back in. Soreness is normal, and note that the worst thing you can do with soreness is nothing. Space out your workout days with walks in between, and try to stretch 5-10 minutes each day. This will make your transition back to fitness more seamless and help you reach your goals faster.

The Coaches at 6S are so excited to have old, existing, and new members return to outdoor fitness classes! We are here to help you and be the highlight of your day. Don’t hesitate to talk to your coach if you have questions about your health or fitness goals. We want nothing more then to see you succeed!

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