Athlete of the Month – Linda Hout

Linda joined us at CrossFit 6S only a few short months ago and even though CrossFit was still pretty much brand new to her she decided to compete in the CrossFit Open, join a Basement Battle League (BBL) team and give it her all. In every workout, there was at least one movement that Linda had very little (if any) exposure to thus far in her CrossFit journey, but that didn’t phase her in the least. She tackled each and every one of the 5 Open workouts with a lot of grit, determination and a smile. She is eager to improve and try new things and her energy and cheerfulness in class is contagious.
Linda is the kind of athlete that when you shout encouragement her way during a workout she’ll be sure to smile back at you and give you a thumbs up.

You’re a joy to coach Linda and we can’t wait to see what you can accomplish in the time to come!

Tell us about yourself.
I worked in the financial industry with a supranational organization abroad. I care about animal welfare, appreciate good art photography, and love a warm cup of coffee.
What do you do for a living? 
Living life to the fullest with gratitude.
What is one thing people may be surprised to learn about you? 
I used to horseback ride and enjoyed the freeing power of galloping in the desert.
How long have you been doing CrossFit? At CF6S? 
About 4 months; I started my CrossFit journey at CF6S.
Why did you start CrossFit? 
I’ve been wanting to join CrossFit for a while but I’ve always put it off for many reasons. When I felt that I reached a plateau at the gym I decided to put those excuses aside and just go for it and I’m glad I did!
What’s your favorite music to workout to? 
House, dance, pop or rock; depends on the workout.

What is your proudest CF moment? 
Signing up for CrossFit Open. I had no clue what I was getting myself into but I showed up for all 5 workouts and did my best. It turned out to be an exuberant experience.


What impact has CF6S had on your life inside and outside the gym? 
CF6S has significantly impacted my level of confidence. Learning how to push myself to do one more rep, knowing my limitations, setting new targets and achieving them did influence how I think. Not only in the gym but outside too, as my whole mental attitude changed. Plus the CF6S tribe encouragements to complete the WOD, even when I’m tired or having a moment of self-doubt. That has been a great motivation.
Other than CrossFit, what do you do for fun? 
Hanging out with friends, attending live music events and cycling.
What book are you reading right now? 
Principles by Ray Dalio

What’s your favorite ’90s jam? 
Madonna – Vogue

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? 
Sports stores
What was your favorite TV show growing up? Why? 
Knight Rider. I enjoyed watching it because I liked the car “KITT”. It was a modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that could drive on its own and talk to the driver. Kinda like a Tesla!
What’s the strangest talent you have? 
I haven’t discovered any strange talent yet!
What are three things still left on your bucket list? 
Riding a motorcycle on the Pacific Coast Highway, paragliding and more travelling.
If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose? 
Healing ability
Are you a dog person or cat person?
​I enjoy and adore the qualities of both dogs and cats equally.
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