New Programming Cycle

The end of summer marked the end of our 3 month strength cycle. The last week of August was “re-test” week, and athletes tested a variety of lifts, skills and metcons, allowing us to measure & quantify progress. Lifts included the back squat and bench press; max. sets of strict pull-ups and ring dips were tested; metcons included a few original and some standard (e.g. 500m time trial row) ones. Whether members had been following the entire 3 month cycle, or joined part way through, everyone saw and felt noticeable improvements. Great job everyone!

The end of the strength cycle also denoted a change in the programming – Coach Dave has taken over the ropes and will be programming for the gym moving forward. We’re extremely excited to have someone with his knowledge, experience and passion on our team, and we’re so excited to have him take over this role!

Curious about what he has in store for you?

Here’s what coach Dave has to say about the upcoming programming cycle:

“Salutations Esteemed 6S Members,

I just wanted to take some time to explain some of my thoughts regarding the direction of the Box program for the next while.

There will be no time period attached to this as it will be very fluid. I’ve just returned from CrossFit Gymnastics and I’m booked into the Aerobic Capacity course in October. Courses are amazing because they increase knowledge and add inspiration to the program, which helps me deliver a better fitness experience to you. To this end, I will be layering ideas upon ideas.

Full disclosure… some days of the weeks/months are going to seem very experimental…because they are! I do not want to present some cookie cutter approach to your fitness development, that’s one of the reasons you are not currently training at a more commercial style of facility. 

Soooooooooo, join me as we go down the Rabbit Hole!
Warm Up
This is where you will start seeing some ‘interesting’ things show up. Don’t concern yourselves too much over these things, please just execute movements to the BEST of YOUR ability at that given snapshot of time. Movement is life’s greatest teacher and everything that you are performing in the warm ups will be laying the foundation towards the Sexy CrossFit Stuff (muscle ups, pull ups, toe to bar, handstand stuff).

Skill Stuff
This will be programmed to make ALL movements as efficient as possible. Particular attention will be paid to strict stuff and getting comfortable in certain positions of movements. We do NOT need more muscle ups to be BETTER at muscle ups. Aiming for more reps all of the time is too damaging to both the external body (torn hands and muscles) and the internal nervous system. For those reading who don’t care about muscle ups, I HEAR you! Please trust the process because the drills for all skill things will increase your strength beyond what you thought you could ever achieve and your general quality of life will sky rocket!
Barbell Work
This always has its place in your (and my) heart! I’m going to keep all the “normal” stuff like squats and presses, as well as more complex movements like the snatch and clean and jerk. I’ll be throwing different rep schemes, progressions, loads etc. at you – so be prepared! When barbell movements are programmed on the lighter side, use that as an opportunity to perfect the form. Remember that you don’t always need to throw more weight on the bar to get better. Deliberate practice with an emphasis on the positions and movements themselves (that will allow the bar to travel in the correct path) will pay huge dividends in the long run!
The GIFT of Fitness
The beloved metcon will take many forms, from the traditional benchmark and hero WOD’s to some spicy interval work where rest periods are built into the session. Work as hard as you can during the metcons and scale as needed! YES scale, some metcons are going to have a heavier load assigned; however, it’s not about loading to Rx and then standing around looking at the bar so you can ‘heroically’ click Rx. Fitness comes from intensity and if you are not moving you are not getting fitter!
Mobility has been programmed at the end of classes for you to do in your own time. Many of you have been doing it and I thank you! Please continue to do this. Just doing one of the mobility pieces is better than doing none. Often we rush out because we don’t have time, which we can all appreciate. In that case, perhaps try do something at home – 90sec per side of something done regularly will change your world!

I want to leave you with one last thing (best for last): I CHALLENGE you to STOP DRINKING WATER during metcons – between movements/rounds! You should be hydrated enough before class (drink H2O throughout the day!!) that if you do drink then it’s a sip to keep your mouth moist. If you are training first thing in the morning then wake up and drink one/two glasses of water. At the CrossFit Competitor Course they mentioned that being slightly dehydrated during the metcon is OK. The metcon will generally be 12ish minutes (give or take), so why not devote the whole metcon time to intensity, rather than scrambling to find your water bottle? 
BUT, feel free to sip water during the strength/skill stuff. This will help hydrated you before you attack the metcon.
I’m absolutely loving the opportunity to program for you all! I hope this offers some explanation of the chaos realm that is the inside of my head; as we dive into the Rabbit Hole.

If you have any questions or concerns along the way, I am totally open to questions and feedback, there is a method to the madness!

See you at the box!


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