November 6SFit Programming

Great work in October everyone! We loved seeing people challenge themselves with new skills and fight through some of our last running days.

Here’s what you can look forward to in November

Like last month, we will be integrating re-tests into the classes, so if you have been with us for several months, you will likely recognize these. If not, these are great workouts to establish a baseline (because you will see them again). Remember, that success is not just measured by a faster time – sometimes a different strategy, different progression, or heavier load is a HUGE WIN! Set your intentions before class and bring your best effort. If you have done that, you have already won.

And, remember to have fun! We tend to put additional pressure on ourselves to “beat our previous score”, but sometimes life gets in the way and we underestimate how much our daily stress / poor recovery etc. can impact our performance. IF YOU DO NOT GET A BETTER SCORE IT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN YOU ARE LESS FIT. <3

Strength / Skill Work

This month we will wrap up our double kettlebell step-up cycle and complete a long snatch cycle (which we started back a couple of months ago with snatch pull work). We will also continue with some clean complexes, working on form first and then load.

New Cycles

This month you will see:

  • a new 5-3-1 strict press cycle (including a 1RM); and
  • a new “push + pull” combo with strict pull-ups and hand-release push ups to bulletproof shoulders, lats and cores!


For those of you who have been around the block with us, expect to see Karen, Lungs, Filty 50, and a 5k row!



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