Ready to make a change in 2024? Read this

Are you bored of your current fitness routine?

Or, is your current fitness routine not giving you the results you had hoped for in 2023?

Or, maybe you are content with your current routine, but wondering what more you are missing out on?

Or, do you not have a current routine but are ready to get in shape and set yourself up for success in the future?

NOW is the perfect time to get started with something new, “something” that is:

  • going to improve your overall health and wellness; 
  • help you build healthier and more sustainable habits;
  • challenge you in new ways;
  • get you stronger and fitter; AND
  • Keep you accountable to achieving your goals.

So you can play with your kids until you are 100, carry groceries home without worry, walk up or down the stairs at work without feeling out of breath, stop getting back and shoulder pain at work, look and feel your best and most confident, and SO MUCH MORE – there truly is no limit when you have health on your side!

Here are 4 reasons why 6S might be the PERFECT fit for you in 2024 and beyond:

We prioritize nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Most of us know that nutrition truly is the key to unlocking your health and wellness goals. You have probably experienced this if you’ve been going to a gym consistently but are still not seeing the fat loss and muscle gain goals you hoped. The most likely culprit is your nutrition and lifestyle.

At 6S, we believe nutrition is the FIRST and BIGGEST piece of the puzzle that requires our attention. That’s why we provide individualized nutrition and lifestyle advice catered to each person’s individual needs and goals, so that everything you do IN and OUTSIDE of the gym is working synergistically. Otherwise, you risk wasting your time and energy in the gym not achieving your goals.

We tailor each program to fit people’s specific needs.

We recognize that everyone comes from different backgrounds and everyone has specific needs. That’s why we meet you where you are at and specifically tailor your program to suit your needs and your goals. That’s part of the reason why you do NOT need to be fit to start at 6S, nor do you need to have any prior experience with similar or other fitness or nutrition programs. And, if you do have that experience, great!

Our introductory programs teach everyone what they need to know to get started and our coaches keep a close eye on members to ensure everyone is moving safely and appropriately challenged. If classes are your thing – our classes ONLY have 15 people, so you get ALOT more FaceTime with a coach compared to most other group fitness gyms!

We regularly meet and check-in with our members.

If you truly want to continue to see results and give yourself the best health buffer as you get older, you need CONSISTENCY AND ACCOUNTABILITY (spoiler: not motivation – although it helps!). That’s why we meet with all our members 1-on-1 quarterly to review and set goals, tackle any challenges that arise, and ensure you are seeing the results you want.

We also get together as a group regularly, inside and outside of the gym, which leads to forging strong relationships with other people at the gym, including coaches, who will help keep you accountable to reaching your goals.

Surround yourself with people who make you BETTER & who will challenge and support you on your health and fitness journey and watch the results come rolling in! 

Our programs work.

Because of all the above reasons and more, our programs, when consistently followed, will help you build muscle, lose fat, improve conditioning, improve flexibility, confidence, happiness, and so much more, including allowing you to reach your other health and wellness goals!

And the best part is that you DO NOT have to give up the things you enjoy – our programs are designed to work WITH your current lifestyle, not against, because we want you to be able to do this for the rest of your life!

Ready to make a change and start seeing the results you hoped for in 2023 and/or are hoping to achieve in 2024?

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