September 6SFit Programming

Hey Team!

As we say goodbye to summer and get ready for a new month, we wanted to take this moment to update you on what you can expect in our 6SFit group classes this month.

Since re-opening, we have prioritized foundational strength, which is why you have seen a lot of overhead pressing, squats and lunges. We wanted to make sure that everyone was introduced to the barbell and pull-up bar slowly, before adding in more complex/dynamic movements to prevent injury.

As we move forward, we want to continue prioritizing overall strength, in particular, pressing and squatting, to continue to get under load and keep our bodies healthy! We will continue to partner this with conditioning days, skill and accessory work to ensure we are building our engines and taking care of the smaller muscles too.

So, now…

In September, we will see some 3RM (“rep max”) tests following our mini pressing cycle in August, including a 3RM Push Press and 3RM Strict Press.

We’ll also begin a lower-body deadlift cycle and pause back squat cycle along with various Olympic lifting complexes run on shorter intervals to increase fatigue and force members to keep perfect technique. In metcons, you can expect to see slightly heavier barbells movements in strength-based workouts and a focus on combining conditioning pieces with some technical gymnastic work.

Final Thoughts

As with functional fitness, we want to challenge all energy systems and keep things constantly varied, so you can continue to expect a variety of combinations, time domains and movements in the metabolic conditioning pieces (“metcons”).

Remember: whether you working through a warmup, heavy lift, a fast metcon, a longer aerobic piece, monostructural work, or accessory work, move with intention and listen to your body!

Bring it on, September!

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