Walk Before You Run: A Running Warmup For All!

We all know the saying “walk before you run”, but do most of us actually follow that rule?

Probably not.

However, when it comes to actually running, this is especially important if we want to avoid injury and pain! Starting a run without a proper warmup is kind of like riding the echo bike: it starts off OK, but gradually gets worse and worse until you can no longer feel your legs and everything hurts. Except, rather than have the pain dissipate shortly thereafter, it is much more likely to last and manifest itself as muscle and/or joint pain and/or stiffness. Unfortunately, most of us have likely experienced (or are experiencing) shin splints, which are terrible. 

So, to avoid getting things like shin splints or other aches and pains, it’s important to make sure the body is prepared to run!

We spend 10-15 minutes warming up for our workout in class & running shouldn’t be any different!

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyways as a reminder) but makes sure you have a GOOD PAIR OF RUNNING SHOES! Especially if you plan to run more frequently now. For all you CrossFitters: most cross-training shoes are NOT great running shoes – they’re too flat. Do yourself a favour and invest in a good pair of running shoes … your future self will thank you! Click HERE for a recent review of the best running shoes. 

Before leaving your condo, stretch out your hamstrings, calves and hips (stay tuned for another blog post on this). Then, once you feel like your muscles are loose, start with an easy 2-5 min run and then complete 4-5 of the following warm up drills (each for about 10m):

**For all of these drills, stay light on your feet**

Toy Soldier/Hamstring Kickout

A & B Skips

High Skips

Straight Leg Bounds​

Butt Kicks


High Knees to Sprint

Use this warmup as an opportunity to check-in with yourself.
Is your body feeling OK? Are you feeling pain anywhere? Are you still thinking about work? What is your goal for the run?

Once you’ve finished your warmup, set your intention for your workout.
Do you have a specific time in mind? Or are you just wanting to move?



Check back next week when we talk about a good stretching routine for runners!

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