Meet Coach Kayla

We are so excited to have Kayla join our coaching team at 6S! Welcome Kayla!

Kayla has been a member of the 6S community since 2022. Having spent many of her years as an athlete, Kayla found CrossFit in 2014 and has been hooked ever since!

Embracing the community spirit, supportive comraderie, and continuous opportunities for growth, Kayla represents all that we strive for here at 6S.

As a member, Kayla has brought enthusiasm, encouragement, and inspiration to her fellow 6Sers. We are so excited to welcome Kayla to the coaching team so she can continue to lift up our community!

Read more about Kayla’s story, and keep an eye out for her leading your next class!

How I Started CrossFit

Growing up I played sports like hockey, soccer and field hockey. But, when I went off to university I stopped playing sports and inevitably gained the freshman 15. I came back home for the summer and was determined to shed the weight and come back to school looking “hot”. I started with running, but I could barely make it to the mailbox without running out of breath.

After a month of running, I had made little to no progress. That’s when my sister suggested I try CrossFit. She had been going to a local CrossFit gym for a couple months and told me I would love it. I signed up for a 2 months fundamentals program and, at first I HATED IT. It was hard and I was worse at it than I expected. Thankfully I kept going.

By the end of the 2 months I started to see the progress I was making. I could run for 10-15 minutes without stopping, I’d lost most of the weight I’d put on and I even started to enjoy some of the workouts. I was hooked!

Seasons of CrossFit

My CrossFit journey began in the summer of 2014 and has had many seasons along the way. There have been periods of time I was focused on losing weight, others where I wanted to be stronger, and times where I’ve gone to the gym just to hang out with friends. This sport has positively impacted my life in so many ways, it’s hard to count them all.

Some of my personal favourite things include:

  • A friendly and welcoming community
  • An outlet to be competitive with friends
  • Workouts that reduce my anxiety and keep me sane
  • There is always something new to learn and improve on
  • An overall better relationship with my body
  • Increased strength and stamina in my day to day life
  • Sense of achievement after finishing a hard workout

How I Started at 6S

I have moved many times over the years and as a result have been a member of 6 different CrossFit gyms including 6S Fitness! I started at 6S in 2022 after spraining my ankle. At the time, I was spending most of my free time bouldering. However, once I sprained my ankle I knew it could be a few months before I could safely boulder again.

Knowing I could do CrossFit with a bummed ankle, I joined 6S. I am so happy I did!

Almost instantly my quality of life improved. The coaches and members at 6S were so welcoming and I quickly felt like a part of the community.

How I Started Coaching

By the time 2017 rolled around I was fully engrossed in the CrossFit lifestyle. I spent most of my free time at the gym, I went to bed dreaming about how to improve my snatch and encouraged everyone I knew to join. T

hat’s when the owner of my local gym asked me if I had any interest in coaching. I was nervous but ultimately said yes. It wasn’t long until I was hooked on coaching too!

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