Why you do not need to be “fit” to start

Most people wait until they feel “fitter” to start at a new gym or before starting a new workout routine. 

We get it. Starting in a completely new environment is scary and no one wants to feel like they are the least fit person in the room. 

But, starting “fit” defeats the whole purpose of relying on experts to guide you through a new fitness journey. In fact, waiting for the moment you feel “fit enough” only delays the process and sets you back further. Plus, no one ever feels “ready” anyways. 

Here are 5 reasons why you do not need to be “fit” to start:

  1. The right gym will guide you from the beginnings and has a specific program curated to teach you the basics, from the very beginning.
  2. Starting from the beginning is actually an ADVANTAGE because you will be a sponge, absorbing a plethora of new information and drills, which is arguably one of the best parts! With this newness comes a newfound appreciation of the process and results.
  3. You will learn proper habits from the beginning. Starting on your own without a coach is risky because no one is around to make sure you are moving properly. It is always harder to re-train and get rid of poor habits than it is to create habits from ground zero! Plus, poor technique is a recipe for future injuries. 
  4. Don’t believe what you see on social media. Social media highlights (and grabs people’s attention) the 0.0001% of the fitness industry professionals who likely full-time athletes or full-time professionals in the industry. Plus, instagram is not reality 😉 The reality is that, at a gym like ours, you will work out next to people who are just like you…not the pros you see on social media. 
  5. You will never feel “ready”. Like anything else in life, you just need to start!

If everyone waited until they were ready to start something new, nothing would ever get done because once you start, you will continue to raise the bar and expect more from yourself over time. 

Over 70% of the people who walk through our doors have either never been in our kind of gym, or any gym, before. 

That’s why we are here. Our team of experts work with ALL skill and abilities and work with each member to determine the best path forward. We do not take a cookie cutter approach, so you can rest assured that we will meet you exactly where you are at. 

Whether you choose group classes or personal training, our team is ready to help get you STARTED.

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